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  • Fly me to Hawaii

    Fly me to Hawaii

    Fly me to Hawaii, oh pilot fair, With golden locks and wind-blown hair, Your eyes alight with fire and glee, As we soar high above the sea. Your plane, a sleek and shining thing, Like a bird with wings that take us wing, And in your hands, we are safe and sound, As we travel […]

  • Wet in Wailea

    Wet in Wailea

    Wet in Wailea, where waves crash and roar, I dream of passion, love’s sweet roar. My body sings a song, a primal call, And in my slumber, I leap tall. The moon is full, the night aglow, And in my dreams, I dance with a beau. His arms around me, we twirl and spin, Together […]

  • Summer sun

    Summer sun

    Summer sun, a memory warm Of days gone by, in Hawaii’s charm A place of love, a heart’s delight A summer fling, with you in sight. You came to me, a surfer boy With hair so gold, and eyes so joy In the warm sun, a love was born With every kiss, a fire was […]

  • Kauai dreams

    Kauai dreams

    Kauai dreams, a vision bright Of isles so lush, with skies so light A place of peace, where hearts unite In love so pure, a dream so right. She dreams of days, with sun-kissed sands Of evenings spent, with gentle hands Of laughter shared, and love that’s free In Kauai’s breeze, a harmony. Yet she […]

  • Her dreams

    Her dreams

    Her dreams, a whisper on the wind A vision fair, of love untold In Hawaii’s land, where love unfolds A future bright, with passion bold. A place of dreams, where hearts unite In love so pure, a blissful sight A life of joy, a love so rare A future bright, with none to scare. Yet […]

  • A moonlit night

    A moonlit night

    A moonlit night, in Hawaii’s grace The air so warm, the sky so laced With stars that shine, a silver glow A night of passion, in its flow. The waves crash soft, a rhythmic beat As lovers dance, with bare feet In harmony, with ocean’s hum A moment shared, in perfect sum. Their hearts ablaze, […]

  • Her dreams once bright

    Her dreams once bright

    Her dreams once bright, a vision fair Of tropical isles, a lover thereWith sun-kissed sands and crystal waves A future shared, in newlyweds’ blaze. A place of love, where vows were made With skies of blue and serene shades The perfect start, a life in bloom A honeymoon, in Hawaii’s room. But time has passed, […]

  • The History of Tourism in Hawaii

    The History of Tourism in Hawaii

    Hawaii, the 50th state of the United States, has a rich history of tourism that dates back to the 19th century. The Hawaiian Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, have long been a popular destination for American tourists looking for a tropical escape. From the early days of American expansionism to the present-day global travel […]

  • Whale Watching in Hawaii

    Whale Watching in Hawaii

    Get ready for an unforgettable experience and join a whale-watching tour in Hawaii! Winter is the best time to spot thousands of humpback whales who migrate to the islands to breed and give birth. Imagine seeing these majestic creatures breaching, tail-slapping, and spy-hopping in the wild – it’s a sight you won’t forget. Tour operators […]

  • The Best Golf Courses in Hawaii

    The Best Golf Courses in Hawaii

    Hawaii is known for its beautiful golf courses and mild climate, making it a popular destination for golfers. Some of the best golf courses in the state of Hawaii include: