A moonlit night

Honeymoon nights

A moonlit night, in Hawaii’s grace
The air so warm, the sky so laced
With stars that shine, a silver glow
A night of passion, in its flow.

The waves crash soft, a rhythmic beat
As lovers dance, with bare feet
In harmony, with ocean’s hum
A moment shared, in perfect sum.

Their hearts ablaze, with fiery love
A passion born, from heavens above
With every touch, a world afire
A night of bliss, a soul’s desire.

The night goes on, in endless grace
With love so pure, in every place
From shore to shore, a sweet refrain
Of hearts entwined, in love’s domain.

And when the night, at last must end
Their memories, will always bend
To that one night, in paradise
A love so pure, a soul’s sweet prize.

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