Can you Vape in Hawaii?

Cool Tattoo girl in a bikini smoking a vape in Hawaii

Yes you can! But they are making it more and more difficult. Most Hotels prohibit smoking and vaping. You are also no longer allowed to smoke or vape in any state park or beach. Tobacco products are only allowed to be tobacco flavored or menthol flavored. And you have to be 21 to buy or vape!

Can you vape in a hotel room in Hawaii?
Currently hotels are still permitted to designate up to 20% of their rooms as smoking/vaping rooms, however this is really rare. Most hotels are now smoke free. Some do have small designated smoking areas outside. Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki still allows smoking on the balcony of selected rooms. (Most hotels won’t even let you vape on the balcony.)

How much is the fine for vaping on the beach in Hawaii?
The fine for a first offence is $50 but it goes up to $200 for a second offence within a year.

Can you buy flavored vapes in Hawaii?
Yes if you like menthol. Tobacco products can only be tobacco flavour or menthol flavor according to Hawaii’s strick smoke free laws.

Can you buy vapes in gas stations in Hawaii?
Yes, most gas stations in Hawaii sell vaping products.

How old do you have to be to buy vapes in Hawaii?
You must be 21 to buy vapes in Hawaii. You also have to be 21 to partake in the vaping.

Can you get fined for vaping in the hotel room in Hawaii?
Yes, it is common practice for hotels in Hawaii to charge a cleaning fee if they catch you vaping. The fees vary but are often as high as $500 for a standard room and can be over $1,000 for a suite. That’s an expensive habit!

Is vaping cool in Hawaii?
Yes, vaping is cool AF. The more they try to ban it the cooler it gets. In 2017 an estimated 37% of Native Hawaiian High Schoolers admitted to vaping at least once a month.

Can you buy vape Juice in Hawaii?
Yes you can buy vape juice in Hawaii, but the only flavours you are allowed to buy are tobacco and menthol.

What actually is the law about vaping in Hawaii?
You can read the actual law here

Vaping is bad.
There is nothing cool about vaping.
Beach girl breaking the law and risking a $50 fine for vaping on the beach in Hawaii
Even surfers are addicted to vaping.
Bad girl risks a hefty fine vaping on the beach in Hawaii.

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