Fly me to Hawaii

Fly me to Hawaii

Fly me to Hawaii, oh pilot fair,
With golden locks and wind-blown hair,
Your eyes alight with fire and glee,
As we soar high above the sea.

Your plane, a sleek and shining thing,
Like a bird with wings that take us wing,
And in your hands, we are safe and sound,
As we travel to paradise’s ground.

Oh pilot fair, so brave and true,
As we gaze upon the ocean’s blue, Y
our spirit soars on updrafts high,
With a joy that fills the azure sky.

And as we land on Hawaii’s shore,
Your skillful touch, it is so sure,
And we step out on the golden sand,
With a feeling that’s so truly grand.

Fly me to Hawaii, dear pilot bold,
For in your hands, our fate is told,
And as we journey on this flight,
Your beauty and skill shine bright.

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