Her dreams once bright

Take me to Hawaii

Her dreams once bright, a vision fair
Of tropical isles, a lover there
With sun-kissed sands and crystal waves
A future shared, in newlyweds’ blaze.

A place of love, where vows were made
With skies of blue and serene shades
The perfect start, a life in bloom
A honeymoon, in Hawaii’s room.

But time has passed, the bloom has shed
Her once warm heart, now filled with dread
Of love that’s lost, and dreams that fade
Her hopes, a memory, once displayed.

Yet still she dreams, of that sweet time
When life was full, and love divine
With every thought, she feels the breeze
That whispered soft, on tropical seas.

A love that’s gone, a life that’s changed
Yet memories linger, undimmed, unchained
Of dreams once bright, a future cast I
n shadows now, of what has passed.

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