Her dreams

Exciting Hawaii

Her dreams, a whisper on the wind
A vision fair, of love untold
In Hawaii’s land, where love unfolds
A future bright, with passion bold.

A place of dreams, where hearts unite
In love so pure, a blissful sight
A life of joy, a love so rare
A future bright, with none to scare.

Yet she knows, her dreams are fraught
With dangers hid, and tales unsought
Of love forbidden, a path untrue
A heart’s desire, that she can’t pursue.

But still she dreams, of what might be
A love so sweet, for all to see
With every thought, she feels the flame
Of passion’s fire, a love’s sweet name.

For though she knows, her dreams must end
Her heart will hold, a love so tend
A future bright, with love so true
A dream of passion, in skies of blue.

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