Kauai dreams

Kauai dreams

Kauai dreams, a vision bright
Of isles so lush, with skies so light
A place of peace, where hearts unite
In love so pure, a dream so right.

She dreams of days, with sun-kissed sands
Of evenings spent, with gentle hands
Of laughter shared, and love that’s free
In Kauai’s breeze, a harmony.

Yet she knows, her dreams are just
A fantasy, a hope that must
Remain a thought, a wish untold
A future bright, a love grown old.

For she is divorced, and all alone
Her heart in search, of love unknown
A love so pure, a soul so kind
A partner sought, to share her time.

And though she dreams, of what might be
In Kauai’s isles, beside the sea

Her heart is sad, with dreams that fade
A future bright, a love delayed.

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