Summer sun

Summer Sun

Summer sun, a memory warm
Of days gone by, in Hawaii’s charm
A place of love, a heart’s delight
A summer fling, with you in sight.

You came to me, a surfer boy
With hair so gold, and eyes so joy
In the warm sun, a love was born
With every kiss, a fire was torn.

We laughed and danced, on sunny shores
With waves so blue, and skies so pure
And in that time, our hearts entwined
In love so sweet, a summer’s find.

But time has passed, the summer gone
And though our love, was but a dawn
It remains with me, a sweet refrain
Of you and me, in love’s domain.

And when I think, of summer sun
I see your smile, and hear your fun
And in my heart, your love remains
A memory sweet, of summer rains.

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