Wet in Wailea

Wet in Wailea

Wet in Wailea, where waves crash and roar,
I dream of passion, love’s sweet roar.
My body sings a song, a primal call,
And in my slumber, I leap tall.

The moon is full, the night aglow,
And in my dreams, I dance with a beau.
His arms around me, we twirl and spin,
Together in passion, a wild sin.

The sea is a stage, and we are the stars,
Our bodies fluid, our movements bizarre.
Our love a banner, wild and free,
A symbol of the passion we want to be.

Our hearts beat fast, our souls aflood,
The sea sprays from the blowhole, a pulsing flood.
Together we are love’s boundless force,
A new creation, your ocean the source.

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